App Review: Sygic Travel

I’ve said it so many times before; I’m incredibly lucky to be a backpacker/expat in the 21st century. In 2018, there is indeed an app for everything and though I remained app resistant for as long as possible, I can’t deny that apps make traveling alone in Europe much more manageable.

Recently, I came across this awesome travel app called Sygic Travel. The creators of this app really thought of everything. In fact, I’m dubbing Sygic Travel the swiss army knife of travel apps.

Here’s how it works:

After you’ve downloaded the premium Sygic Travel app, you simply type in a place you would love to visit (you can design multiple trips and save them within your app). Once you choose your desired location and trip dates, you can pick between a seemingly endless list of trip itineraries/templates.

I’m planning a weekend trip to Budapest and decided I want to explore the old Jewish Quarter so I chose the appropriate trip template and started planning.

I now have a metro map, interesting historical info, suggested sites, directions, weather forecasts, car rental and tour info, hotel booking, and even a video tour of the area at my fingertips. I wish I had known about this app earlier.

Thankfully, Sygic Travel is user-friendly. It saves you from having to visit multiple websites in hostels with unreliable wifi to plan your next trip. Plus, Sygic can store many trips, past and present so you never have to worry about losing your travel itinerary.

As I said before, I’m usually app resistant but Sygic Travel is a travel essential that will take the stress and uncertainty away from travel and allow you to make the most of your vacation/backpacking existence.

Download it now! Download app here



  1. Caroline Edge

    Anna, does this app focus on young people who want hostels and backpacking or would it be useful for a mature traveler like me?


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