Mugshot Monday: Next Apache

Culprit: Next Apache

Location: Panenska 28

Verdict: Best cup of coffee in Bratislava

Report: Next Apache, you have won my heart. Your coffee is a triumph, your Victorian-style sofas and benches are incomparable in class and comfort. And your endless shelves of second-hand books, many of which are English, spark my imagination and inspire me to read the day away.mugshot 3 again

Next Apache is tucked away from the tourist track so when you are in desperate need of a delicious and contemplative cup of coffee in the quieter part of town, journey over to Panenska street. This unique cafe, with its unparalleled character and well-crafted Italian brews, will bring new life to your pallet and your mind. Classic and contemporary novels will keep you company as you enjoy a piping beverage infused with zen, creativity, and a dash of intellectualism. Two sips in, you’ll already feel calmer and, dare I say, smarter.

Next Apache is open every day from 9am to 10pm.

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