Mugshot Monday: Drak & Finch

Culprit: Drak & Finch

Location: Mikulášska 6652/1B

Verdict: They serve drinks with alligator animal crackers…need I say more?

Description: Tucked behind the Bratislava Castle on a steep cobble alleyway lies a small and irresistable cafe. Drak & Finch is not the easiest to find and the interior is tiny but nevertheless, it is the perfect place to catch up on some reading and warm your hands after touring the castle in mid-winter. The cafe also has a dragon theme of sorts which feels wholly appropriate on the historic streets behind the castle.


After scrolling through TripAdvisor views, I decided to order a hot chocolate which is best described as hot pudding in a tall glass. It’s thick, scrumptious, velvet smooth elixir that more than makes up for the long waiting time (the staff are in no rush here). Plus, Drak & Finch’s prices are more than reasonable, among the cheapest in Bratislava. But the real bonus at this humble cafe is every hot drink is served with alligator animal crackers on the side-simply amazing!

Located on Mikulášska, just behind the castle, Drak & Finch is open 9am-10pm Tuesday through Sunday and 1pm-10pm on Mondays.


  1. Caroline Edge

    Anna, Ted and I are considering coming to see you with Pat and Mark Allen in May! More when we get home from the Galapagos. Our best, Caroline


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