Mugshot Monday: Foxford

Culprit: Foxford

Location: Obchodná 516/26 (within Martinus bookstore)

Verdict: My home away from home. In fact, it’s possible I spend more time here than I do at my flat…

Description: Nestled within the beloved, two-storey bookstore Martinus, Foxford cafe is the place to go. Since discovering it back in December, I have become a regular customer. I write most of my articles, blog posts, emails, shopping lists, five-year plans, dream vacation itineraries etc. here.

Decorative ceiling at Foxords's Cafe, my favorite study spot.
This bookstore cafe is really into books.

My fail-safe is a classic Americano (aka. espresso lungo) which always seems to have the slightest taste of blueberry-a wonderfully weird characteristic of their coffee.

For days I need a creative boost, I go for a cappuccino. On Cinco de Mayo, they drew a sombrero with milk froth on top. On a rainy Monday, it was an adorable whale. I find Foxford’s cappuccino art both comforting and inspiring.

The coolest part of Foxford’s, which has two floors, is it’s part of a gigantic bookstore. In Martinus, there is an entire section of English books to choose from adjacent to a line of comfy sofas. Sometimes, I come here with my own book after work, plop myself down on one of the giant bean bags in the corner, and spend hours reading. It’s pure bliss.

So keep the adorable cappuccinos and wide selection of classic literature coming, Foxford!

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