Mugshot Monday: Kafíčko

Culprit: Kafíčko (Caffe4u)

Location: Obchodná 549/17

Verdict: Looks a lot like an Ikea showroom, so naturally I love this place!

Description: One of the things I love most about Bratislava is that you can escape the bustling Old Town in just a few steps. Kafíčko is located off of the main shopping street, which is busy day and night. However, once you slip through a small alleyway and into the tiny cafe, everything turns quiet and infinitely more cosy.


Kafíčko’s interior is delightful and looks a lot like those mini kitchens on showcase at Ikea, a place I often dream about living in. As an added bonus, the coffee is cheap and truly delicious. Kafíčko offers coffee made from several varieties of coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Peru and Cuba. They even sell these global beans, along with some coffee-infused spa products, for reasonable prices.

Coffee fanatics, students, Ikea enthusiasts, and journalists, Kafíčko is sure to become your new office space and regular hangout soon after you walk through the adorable door.

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