Mugshot Monday: Mačkafé (Cat Cafe)

Culprit: Mačkafé (Cat Cafe)

Location: Zámocká 24, Bratislava

Verdict: Cats really aren’t so bad…

Description: About a half dozen pairs of suspicious eyes, framed with preened fur, follow me across the room as I tentatively sip on my cappuccino. They sense my strong allegiance to dogs and my weariness of cats; my palms are starting to sweat. SO. MANY. PIERCING. EYES.

But when one brave, little black cat slinks towards me on the comfy cafe couch, I ease my protective stance. It curls up on my raincoat beside me, and I shed my anti-cat exterior almost completely. 

This cat is adorable and comforting. There’s no denying it. 

I have resisted Europe’s cat cafe craze for years because I am simply not a cat person. I’ve grown up exclusively with dogs (with a few turtles and barbaric hamsters mixed in there) and I crave constant affection from animals, which cats don’t always provide. 

But when my cat-loving friend Rachelle came to visit last November, I reluctantly gave Mačkafé, a five-minute walk from Bratislava Castle, a try. And I’m so glad I did!

This cafe is swarming with aloof and majestic cats who have free reign of the place. Some are more approachable than others, but regardless of where you stand on the cat obsession scale, it’s a nice place to sit down for a drink and dessert. All the cats that hang out in the cafe are actually sheltered cats in need of a forever home. While I’m not sure if adopting the cute kitties directly from the cafe is possible, you can make direct donations to the shelter through the cafe and give these cats the love and comfort they deserve. The staff are also incredibly kind and generous with the catnip 🙂 


  1. nan s

    Hi Anna, So fun to read about your plans to move to the U.S. for awhile !!!!  Your family will be so thrilled to have you a bit closer for sure and so many of your friends too !!!  Rachelle told me about the cat cafe and I know how she feels about cats !!  We had ” Kitty ” for 13 years and Rachelle loved her so much. Megan has ” Nala ” an Australian Shepherd Collie. I have always love both animals over the years. Nala and Kitty didn’t like each other very much. To be fair Kitty lived here and Nala was always a visitor. So you see the problem. I look so forward to hear how your plans unfold. Please keep in touch with us ok ? Love,Nancy


    1. gobsmackedblog

      Thank you so much, Nancy, for keeping up with my posts! I’ve heard many stories about Kitty over the years ❤ Yes, this year will surely be the most eventful and exciting of my life so far. Many big transitions to look forward to 🙂 I will for sure keep you posted. Love, Anna


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