Mugshot Monday: Urban Space

Culprit: Urban Space

Location: Námestie SNP 488/30, 811 01 Bratislava

Verdict: Superbly, splendidly, surreptitiously scrumptious.

Report: The hipster hippo in the old town room of Bratislava, Urban Space certainly attracts a certain demographic. It’s pepper-flaked avocado toast is more than popular while countless cups sloshing with Bolivian brews clink against the cafe’s barrel wood tables both morning and night. This large yet intimate cafe has certainly found success in the hipster niche market.


However, on a cold November morning, Urban Space is a welcoming presence for all personality types. Shelves of multi-lingual books line the perimeter; string lights dip and cressendo alongside the minimalist beats echoing softly above. It’s the perfect place to lose yourself in a book, answer stressful emails in a non-stressful environment, and sip on a silky smooth capuccino free of the bitter sting that some Eastern European brews tend to have  .


Dogs are even welcome and gifted with free bowls of water.

Urban Space is the perfect introduction to Bratislava’s ever-important cafe culture and a relatively inexpensive prescription for foreigners adjusting  to Slovakia’s dynamic village capital. You can never go wrong with a simple coffee or cappuccino but their refreshing variety of lemonades will keep you cool-headed while their hot chocolates are sure to stitch pure elation into your soul. Urban Space, located on the outer-edge of old town, is open 9am-10pm on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. Wednesday through Saturday, it closes between 11pm-12am.


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