Mugshot Monday: Café Dias

Culprit: Café Dias

Location: Vysoká 7490/2A

Verdict: A tasty and tranquil escape

Report: Stare Mesto is bursting at the cobbled seams with cafes but on weekend mornings, finding an empty seat in old town is no easy task.

Save yourself the trouble (and the potential awkwardness) by going instead to Cafe Dias, located across a small shopping center just below the Budkova tram stop. Although Cafe Dias does not provide the old town view so many crave, the interior is cozy, quiet, and perfectly-lighted, temporarily dissolving all obsessions with Stare Mesto.

Cafe Dias also gets major points on presentation. I ordered a cappuccino, which was perfectly scrumptious on its own, but the simple drink was propelled to stardom with the assistance of a complimentary shot of water and adorable cream puff. It was a simple, soul-cuddling delight.

Perhaps the best part of Cafe Dias is the waitresses are in no rush to get rid of you. They have a steady flow of customers but there is always an empty seat so no need to do one of does awkward walk-bys where you search for seats in a casual manner that looks anything but casual (hard skill to master; learning Slovak may be easier).

I’ve been to this cafe twice already, reading away several hours at a time. It’s the perfect place to get utterly lost in a book or gain your bearings after braving the world beyond Michael’s Gate. As an added bonus, the cafe is attached to a gigantic bookstore.

Come here after grocery shopping or before trundling home after a trying day of work. Cafe Dias will give you peace of mind in the form of a joyous little cream puff that can melt even the most weary of hearts.

Located on Vysoká street, Cafe Dias is open from 8am-10pm seven days a week.


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